Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So...I actually still exist. Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been, well, everywhere. Glisson was a success and I am typing this from the beach. Lately you have been talking about new chacos and it inspired me to look for some new ones. Because the ones I have now smell like sour milk and poverty. So....Here are my favorites!

Sorry the picture is so small. But, in true Mary Mason style-they don't really match. Blue straps, orange heal strap, lavender stitching, olive green sole. Ya know.

Also! I have been thinking a lot about how I need a drastic change in my look. I think I'd like to dye my hair and pierce my nose. Both of those things I was totally against a few months ago, but I just need a change! I want really long red hair (more Auburn colored) and just a stud in the nose. Also, maybe a creative cartilage piercing? Here is my inspiration!

Her length & color, maybe bangs? Why not!

Something really small like this for the nose piercing. 

creativity!!! So, yeah.

But lets be honest, none of this will ever happen. Except maybe the hair-maybe? I'm at least growing my hair out super long!


  1. I'm basically cool with anything except tragus piercings intrigue/freak me out.

  2. What about back piercings with a lace up corset? I think those are just SO pretty.