Friday, August 3, 2012

Last time

Well, I figured that later today, I'm going to be really really busy with moving and I wanted to make one last post from my comfy bed here at the house. All this past year, I tried really hard to stay away from the word "last." It seemed to me that people who were so conscious of something being the last time didn't really enjoy what it was they were doing. Well, last night I couldn't help it. I've slept in this bed since I was about two and it has served me well. I looked around at my chaotic walls and saw all the different pieces of my past few years and it is all just very strange. Most of all, leaving you and Charlie is really hard. He came up on my bed this morning and there just isn't an expensive iHome that can replace the alarm clock of sweet puppy kisses. However, it is time to go and I am excited about the next step! That was a lot of writing so here are some pictures of summer-y things (since it is almost the last of summer.)

Yay pretty pictures! and now pictures of my summer that are unprofessional and much less beautiful but have plenty of meaning!

You and me laughing at the Caymans.

My awesome cabin-mate and I at the Glisson banquet.

Sweet Kay. and Candler.

After week 4's Cho Boi

Again in that marvelous blue!

Before yummy Eduardo's! 

Maggie and I at staff training.

Week 1 ampitheatre. Welcome Home!

My crazy wonderful hard-working crew family!

Sisters and JR

You the best!

4th of July!

At Pawleys Island with sweet Ashley

My crew family again!

The hilarious Julia Eck

Maggie and I tired after Thursday night cleaning

and Ashley and I at the inlet at Pawleys!

Well, the next post really will be from Auburn! See you in a few hours! 

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