Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping day!

Well mom and dad explained what was going on with my debit card and I finally went and bought some school supplies! Yay! But that isn't fun and cute so here I have posted pictures of my favorite two things of the day!

I have loved stripey straws since the beginning of time. Not really, at least since I first started seeing them, mostly on wedding blogs. So in reward of my hard work the first week of school, I bought some at Target! You know how I love stripes and detail and they weren't that expensive either!

Also, I went to All American Embroidery and picked up this backpack that GiGi bought me when she was in Auburn last time! I finally called and they said that it was ready! I'm SO pleased with how it turned out! I can't wait to start using it Monday and save my North Face for camp and heavy duty trips that actually involve the out of doors.

Here's some more great shots of stipe straws that I love so much. Don't they make everything so much nicer to look at?

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  1. Hey I saw those at target too! I wanted to get them too! Also love the backpack. Speaking of things that are finally in, Mom picked up my eno today!!!!