Friday, August 10, 2012

Ode to a genius.

My post today is short and sweet. I want to take a moment to recognize on the world wide web the inventor of Tide pods.

Since becoming a college student, I have started to do my laundry. It's madness. But let me tell you something, all that stressful chemical mixing that is involved in pouring detergent is completely eliminated by these beautiful pods.

Let me explain. I put the laundry in the washer. I then put in a Tide pod. I close the washer. I press go. I pretend to pay the machine (put jokes on them, I don't put in change). Then my clothes are clean and I put them in the dryer. The woman in the picture below is showing you one up close with a very scary smile on her face.

Thank you Tide for revolutionizing my life.

Also, I am watching 27 dresses right now and it's the scene where she tries on all the dresses! With a really great song as published below!

Have a good weekend!

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