Thursday, July 26, 2012

Packing and going and going and Packing

Well! I have quite a marathon of trips coming up. Excuse my lack of posts as well, I have been all over trying to get last minute things done! But, consecutively, i will be going three places starting tomorrow ending with my new home in Auburn!

1) Camp Glisson

Closing weekend at Camp Glisson - so sad to see it go. I am excited to see everyone like I do every weekend but this weekend I won't be going home and coming back. This weekend is the end of camp summer 2012 and there will be lots of goodbyes. I am looking forward to this trip quite a bit though.

2) Pawleys Island

My sanctuary! My favorite beach, my first home. I can't WAIT to be there with all the family! The beach trip is one of (if not the) best trips I take and the thing I look forward to the most. And how fun that we get to share a trip with middle sister, too! Ashley's third beach trip and the first summer Pawleys  trip! Full house, the smell of sunscreen, spending time with JR and GiGi, running up and down the stairs, going out to eat and getting all dressed up, singing loudly, body surfing in the waves, the sun shine, the Rookery, bike rides to Starbucks, all the things! Needless to say, I am just really really excited to be back in good ole South Carolina!

3) Auburn

The final destination, the moment we've all been waiting for. Moving day. I will be in Auburn from August 3 until probably Christmastime. But there is good news: we have our blogs and you can come visit me! A new adventure!

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