Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meeting Chris Eldridge.

Well Critter was certainly a sweetheart. He and Thile came out to meet us at about the same time. Of course, people sort of flocked to Thile, but instead of trying to jump in and take over - he just looked at our little group and said "I'll talk to you guys!" What a gem. Eldridge was also so honest (telling us that certain songs were really challenging, etc.) He is certainly the "nice guy" out of the five - but even though he was a more subtle personality, he was still his own person. Really really awesome guy and a really great musician!

I loved that he told us about the band's sign language for one another! After someone asked if he was jealous of Noam's sideburns, he told us that that is how the guys signal each other. Sad and cute was that his sign was to signify his prominent front teeth. Gotta love a guy who can take a joke!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Meeting Gabe Witcher.

Known to his closest friends as "Gaber," Gabe was certainly a sweetie as well! He was the last of the brothers to come to our corner of the parking lot - and we stuck around to meet him! I remember the two guys telling us to stick around because they were trying to get Gabe out as well. I really liked wrapping up the night talking to Gabe. Gabe was so real. When we asked him questions about music and touring - he was open like we were friends, not fans. He empathized with us as musicians and as people. And he revealed to us that he wears his famous newsboy cap when he needs a haircut. precious. Also, at the end of this meeting we hugged him! I feel like I can play violin better just because I was around him.

Something else I remember him saying was that to record is to only mark how good you were that day. I thought it was so inspiring! I know I always feel like I need to be getting better at things everyday, but I like the idea that each day is individual and not necessarily a mark of your progress - just how good you were that day.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meeting Noam Pickelny.

Noam was so funny! Known to his closest friends as 'Pickles' - this guy was a blast! I couldn't get over how outgoing he actually was in person. On stage he takes the quiet/witty role only using his amazing deep voice to say things like "All it takes is a song about physics to get the crowd going." But in person he was overflowing with friendliness!

We saw Noam basically right after Paul so the two of them were there together for a little while! Noam started to sing thinking Paul would join him, but Paul just left him hanging. The whole thing would've been awkward if it had been anyone else, but they were delightful and engaging like brothers!

Noam was awesome!!! And, of course, his deep voice is kind of amazing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meeting Paul Kowert.

Wowza. Kowert was a hunnie. The first of the guys that we spoke to, and he was soft-spoken and endearingly awkward. I loved how he would kind of half smile when we complimented him, but would also blush and and kind of scratch his head. I think he was totally flirting with us, and, had his cousins now asked to hang out with him, I think he would've hung out with us! We'll have to catch him at the next show! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Meeting Chris Thile.

I've decided that each Punch Brother deserves their own blog post about us meeting them and I want to remember as much as I can about each meeting!

Chris Thile was the third Punch Brother we saw and he was easily the most crowded by fans. He was so nice, though, and so generous with his time. He signed things and took pictures and answered questions about his guests (he called his guest's daughter "so awesome" which I thought was so sweet!) We didn't get to talk much to him, but his presence was just very cool. He didn't act like he was annoyed and he didn't act like he was some superstar hot-shot (which he totally is) but I appreciated the humility!

One of my favorite moments was when someone complimented the debut of "Julep" and he said "You guys dug Julep?" like he was anxiously awaiting the approval of the few of us gathered outside the bus. It was awesome that he was secure enough to debut a song, but humble enough to seem interested in what we thought of it.

I love Chris Thile and his crazy hair and his generous attitude!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

73 Questions.

Vogue recently interviewed Sarah Jessica Parker (who I love, but I know you're not crazy about). I love the way they interviewed her because it was casual in her home and so random! Also, her answers are quite fabulous. She is the face of living in New York City. I hope Vogue decides to do more interviews like this!


oh my goodness. they are so funny! What other bluegrass band coves the Cars. and makes it awesome?

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!


As you know, this is my favorite day! No expectations, no worries, no exclusivity, just everyone wearing green and feeling happy! This St. Patrick guy is a genius!

Of course, one my goals in life is to celebrate my favorite day in my favorite place: Chicago. Here is a time lapse of dying of the river this year! Pretty cool! Maybe one day!

Also, 5 days until Punch Brothers!!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Float on.

Well. This week was heavy, but I've got a lot of good news, too and a lot to look forward to!

1.) Brady got a job at the University of Tennessee! A real live big-boy job! Wow! Gives us school-goers hope!

2.) Charlie hugs in t-minus two days!

3.) This one's bitter sweet - the last home gymnastics meet for 2014 v. Missouri on Friday!

4.) Philip and I are about to go see the LEGO movie. (don't judge, you know you were impressed by the rave reviews)

5.) Today at the museum, a 9 year-old and I had an in depth conversation about American Girl dolls. Namely the wonderful Kit Kittridge and her BFF Ruthie.

6.) I discovered that the Oatmeal cookies at Starbucks! They stopped making them at Panera which was sad. However, Panera came out with a toffee cookie that is truly delicious! So now I have a place for both!

7.) I register for classes on Friday. which is like some sort of sick game for me. I just really like it.

8.) Accounting and Ballet are cancelled tomorrow, so I don't have to wake up until 10 if I don't want to!

9.) I'm planning to watch every single Jimmy and Seth the week that I'm home for spring break. Also, I plan on going to some of your tennis matches if that's alright!

10.) Winter Guard competition on Saturday night!

11.) I get to teach sequin school on Saturday morning!

12.) I just got a private lessons student with whom I have a lesson scheduled with tomorrow!

13.) Today at the museum we taught printmaking and I thought of you the whole time! It was really cool!

14.) I am working SLR not this weekend, but next! Cho Boi!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why I might be watching Dancing with the Stars this year...



This morning I was watching Good Morning America and Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews (the new co-host) revealed the new cast!

of course, there were some pretty nobody stars, but in addition to the adorable Charlie White and the gorgeous Meryl Davis, DJ Tanner is going to dance!!!

Some of my favorite pros are back, too including Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, Tony Dovolani, Karina Smirnoff, and Cheryl Burke!

A lot of people are mad that Meryl and Charlie are competing because of their dance experience, but I think it'll mean we actually get to watch good dancing! Better than watching some washed up rapper try and do the fox trot!

It premieres on March 17! Will you watch?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

There's always that one...

Well as usual, I was able to watch all of the Oscar Best Picture Nomination movies...except one.

This year, sadly, it was 12 Years a Slave. It wasn't in Redbox and wasn't playing in any movie theatre near Auburn.

The worst part about all of this is that Nebraska isn't the one best picture nomination that I missed. I could've gone my whole life without that movie. It was SO boring and at the end of the movie, I still cared nothing about anyone in the movie. So here is my official list of best picture favorites...

1. Philomena

2. American Hustle

3. Gravity

4. Captain Phillips

5. Dallas Buyers Club

6. The Wolf of Wall Street

7. Her

8. Nebraska

I would strongly recommend the top 5 and hopefully I'll get to see 12 Years a Slave one of these days!

I also saw Blue Jasmine and really liked it! It deserved to be nominated above Nebraska by a long shot!