Thursday, August 2, 2012

Smell ya later, Watkinsville.

Last full day in Watkinsville = ViCtORY!
Today has been all about getting little things done like mailing things, writing last minute thank you notes, putting yet another bumper sticker on Lars, the like. So, I guess we'll see how this Auburn thing works out starting tomorrow! Right now, I am taking comfort in the wise words of Sondre Lerche.

(p.s. someday I will learn how to put the straight video on here, not an address)

I'm really freaking out right now but in the words of my new favorite thing, I need to Let Go! Do my best and then come what may. Take it one day at a time. Ok, enough of that! Let's just pray I get through packing, moving in, Rush, and band camp in one piece. and I guess classes, too.

So here is some fun stuff!

I am still without a side table for my dorm (guess I'll be finding something in Auburn, hopefully) So here are some cool ones I found to get inspired!

So I just need to find something cool! But I'll probably end up with the traditional nightstand. Oh well, I guess it's a tradition for a reason! Tomorrow, I will be blogging for the first time from my new dorm in Auburn! (or East Alabama Male College, whichever you prefer!)

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