Monday, August 27, 2012

Scheduling my life away

(patterns. lol.)

Today I realized that I have fallen into quite a pattern with the chores and things that I do. I am a creature of habit, but I love every now and then to break from my routine! I guess it's the best of both worlds. Dang that Hannah Montana. What a philosopher!

(Hannah and her toothy grin)

Here's my week at a glance!

-coffee with Lexa at Starbucks
-Flag Line practice
-check our online Auburn student forum (like college moodle) called Canvas for psychology extra credit
-RUF (a campus ministry)

(Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino. What does that mean? who cares it's my new favorite)

-salad bar lunch after Auburn Experience class - my only day all the way at the Village so I treat myself to village dining!
-workout at the student ACT
-band practice
-Papa Johns (in tradition since 2008) and New Girl & The Mindy Project (these shows start up soon)

(will also be catching Ben & Kate whatever that is!)

-laundry day!!!! oh boy oh boy!!!
-Wesley with Lexa
-Modern Family (also starting soon!)

(yes, this is how I do my laundry.)

-ok, this is my favorite thing ever. Thursday is Panerrand Thursday. Where I run all my errands and reward myself with Panera. Sweet sweet Panera! I'm so clever. Panerrand.
-Wittel Bible Study (trying this one for the first time this week)

(yes, I do buy full pineapples & loaves of French bread)

-day to check grades
-band practice (a pattern within itself)
-and quiz day. Both Psychology & Marriage and Family have quizzes every Friday. Good planning, guys.

(yes, I did shave my head and replace the hairs with noodles.)

-GAMEDAY. That is all.

-running day! because now I'm one of those people.
-violin practice (private until I can find a teacher/find money to get lessons)
-Wesley worship service
-Married to Jonas!!!!

(these Nike Free Runs are the thing here, have they hit Oconee, too?)

Sound good? Sounds good enough to me!!! Yay schedules and also not schedules sometimes!


  1. Ah so much bible study! That's awesome! And running, well well well. Who is this girl?! Loved Panerrands. that's up there with tabersnackles

  2. haha, wow! I"m honored to be amongst the genius of Tabersnackles!