Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's go Outback, Mate!

Well I was just getting on my computer trying to figure out FaceTime and I saw a picture on my background slide show that made me instantly crave Outback bread. Immediately, I started thinking about the next time I could go to Outback.

(the picture that started it all)

There is an Outback pretty close to Auburn and I have a giftcard so I think it's going to work out!

After I saw the bread picture, I started thinking about all of the other delicious things I'm going to get while I'm there. Ok, I thought about the delicious cheese fries I'm going to get. Either way! I'm really excited! Hopefully someone or someones will go with me!

(my love, my heart, my appetite)

Sorry if my posts are making you hungry!

On a side note, I bought the new Regina Spektor CD yesterday and am OBSESSED with the first song!


  1. I know! I told you it's wonderful! I also love Patron Saint.