Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mu Mu Mu

In the spirit of all of this rushing going on, I have decided to create my own sorority: Mu Mu Mu.
Here's how it works!

First! Instead of having parties-we let you just put on the sorting hat from Harry Potter. If the hat says Mu Mu Mu, you're in!

Our philanthropy is to raise money to beautify the world with flowers and to teach people how to dance!

Our flower is a hydrangea.

Our motto is "be nice or get out."

Our mascot is a Meerkat named Mu-kat.

Our colors are all of them.

Famous Members include Mary-Mason McWhorter, Junie B. Jones, Margaret Thatcher, Leslie Knope, and Jesus Christ. (yes, we made an exception for a male member.)

Also rules are to have a great taste in music and to love one of the following: the Olympics, Shark Week, clothespins, stripes, my tumblr page, marching band, Camp Glisson, Lars, saying hello to strangers, Christmas, Charlie, Toy Story, River Dance, the beach, and Cliff Bars.

This is what dreams are made of.

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