Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today is kinder!

Well yesterday was not fun. There were some highlights: Janna Wimburn and Scott Coker are engaged, Ashley and Ben are coming to visit me this weekend (separately, but still!), Lexa brought me a balloon and at Starbucks, I had a Strawberry and Creme (I think my new favorite), and my art materials came in! So, there is always a bright side!

(Happy Raisin with a balloon at Starbucks!)

Well today nothing extraordinary happened (yet, it's on 10:21) but that must also mean that nothing extraordinarily bad has happened! Which I will take any day! I went to studio and got out SUPER early! When I got home, I had mail inviting me to Graham and Amanda's baby shower! It made me so happy and SO excited to get an invitation at my new home. Something about it made me feel more established here. So I put it on my clothespins on my shelve since I'm all out of room on my corkboard. (I mean, it's me we're talking about, of course I'm running out of wall space already)

Also, I simply can't ignore how CUTE the invitation is! I just LOVE elephants!

Even though I probably won't be able to go to the shower, it made my day to get the invitation and think about our sweet little cousin Tripp! I can't wait to meet him at Christmas!!!

Also, I'm dying to try this craft:

Have a happy Tuesday! I'll think about you at band practice while I'm at band practice!

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  1. So excited for Tripp so wish you could come! Love the Banksy notecards and love the elephants, I saw that the other day and thought about making it!