Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Miniature Birthday Wish List!

I have great news! I'm a Boston Crusader! I am at the airport now on my way to spend a summer doing what I always hoped I would get the chance to do! I'm really excited, a little nervous, and mostly can't wait to get started.

Since I'll be gone all summer, I thought I'd go ahead and post my birthday wish list. On my 21st birthday (July 11) I'll be in Minneapolis for a show! I guess we'll say happy birthday when I see you in either Opelika or Atlanta - or if you're adventurous, you could come to the Minneapolis show! Other than that, I suppose we'll celebrate when I get home :)

Here are some ideas...

Let me preface by saying - I'd really like the funding to go to NYC with Brady and Devin once tour is over. I'd want to fly from Indianapolis to NYC where Brady and Devin would pick me up and we would hang out for a few days like we did in July! This time we'd be staying in the city for free with some friends, so I'd need a plane ticket there and then home again from NYC to ATL. Obviously, I would need a tiny bit of spending money as well. Just an idea! I really would love to go at the beginning of the semester and again in December when I graduate :) If you take this option, don't worry about any of the ideas below! That would be enough of a 21st birthday present for me!

1.) This stylish backpack. (Color: Grey/Tan Pu)

3. Vera Bradley Beach Towel in Palm Feathers

4. Smartphone Wristlet in Midnight Blues (on sale!)

5. Take note cube in Plum Crazy (on sale!)

6. Straps for my hammock (to replace the ones that dumb brat stole out of my car)

7. This tiny crock pot :)

 8. Focus on DVD (doesn't release on DVD until June 2) but I LOVE this movie!

9. Anthropologie Lipstick (the bright red with strawberries on the tube)

10. This pretty top :) color: red, size: S

12. TOMS wedges in size 7, brown suede 

16. Giftcards Galore! Please!!! I love them! 

-Victoria's Secret
-J Crew
-Discout Dance Supply
-Free People
-Old Navy
-Yeah! Burger
-Jeni's Ice Cream
-Urban Outfitters
-Krispie Kreme
-Gas giftcards
-Bath & Body Works
-Barnes & Noble

17. Joggers - aka my favorite kind of pants ever. Color black size 0

That's pretty much it! Yay! Happy Summer!