Thursday, July 26, 2012

Packing and going and going and Packing

Well! I have quite a marathon of trips coming up. Excuse my lack of posts as well, I have been all over trying to get last minute things done! But, consecutively, i will be going three places starting tomorrow ending with my new home in Auburn!

1) Camp Glisson

Closing weekend at Camp Glisson - so sad to see it go. I am excited to see everyone like I do every weekend but this weekend I won't be going home and coming back. This weekend is the end of camp summer 2012 and there will be lots of goodbyes. I am looking forward to this trip quite a bit though.

2) Pawleys Island

My sanctuary! My favorite beach, my first home. I can't WAIT to be there with all the family! The beach trip is one of (if not the) best trips I take and the thing I look forward to the most. And how fun that we get to share a trip with middle sister, too! Ashley's third beach trip and the first summer Pawleys  trip! Full house, the smell of sunscreen, spending time with JR and GiGi, running up and down the stairs, going out to eat and getting all dressed up, singing loudly, body surfing in the waves, the sun shine, the Rookery, bike rides to Starbucks, all the things! Needless to say, I am just really really excited to be back in good ole South Carolina!

3) Auburn

The final destination, the moment we've all been waiting for. Moving day. I will be in Auburn from August 3 until probably Christmastime. But there is good news: we have our blogs and you can come visit me! A new adventure!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pillow Dilemma

Parrish! My style guru! I am on Etsy making the HARDEST decision of my life.

Which pillow will accent my bed at Auburn?
As you know, I have a Navy zig-zag comforter, plum sham covers, and gray sheets.

I am down to these six beauties...

the contrasting pattern,

the simple, but classic yellow bird,

the green, uniform pattern, 

the adorable yellow poppies, 

bright orange with some sheet coordination,

or this French postcard?

Choices! But, I did buy this beautiful thing at Urban Outfitters: 

and while I was at it, I fulfilled my dream of having a fishtail cut item of clothing by buying this skirt (only mine is in blue) and thus getting free shipping!

Ok, now come up with a favorite or two favorite pillows and come tell me to buy it already!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Rises review.

Oh. My. Goodness. Dark Knight Rises was SO FREAKING GOOD. Here is how I reacted to the whole thing.

So yeah.

Today! I will....
-finish this silly budget
-get that great dress at Encore
-get all the things done
-pack for Glisson
-go to Glisson
-all that

Pretty simple and mostly achievable!

Sister date SOON. I demand it. I pretty much don't even have that much to say. Except I am determined to learn Italian after seeing To Rome With Love. It's gonna happen. Sorry I'm writing in really choppy sentences.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And the dorm madness continues...

Well, I was finally a big girl and committed to some dorm decoration. You would think an Inteior Design major would be all over it, but me never wanting to spend money, it makes it hard to, you know, make a purchase. However! In the words of a purple tee shirt you will most likely see Mrs. Rogers wearing on Thursday of band camp "put on your big girl panties and deal with it."

I did end up finding that picture that I was SO hoping my bed would end up looking like. Unfortunately, I was unable to find quite what I was looking for in my price range (the epic problem remains). But, I ended up with sheets, a bed spread and sham pillows that I am quite pleased with! Also, shopping in Keigh's basement was a tremendous load off as well!

Isn't it just lovely and so cozy?

Well, what I ended up with is a zig-zag rouched Navy & White duvet cover, my choice of grey or navy Target jersey material sheets, and rouched plum colored sham pillowcases! Still looking for a throw pillow to make the whole thing POP! Maybe yellow? and definitely patterned! 

Aside from dorm drama, I just drew up what I think is a pretty fair life-expense contract with mom and dad. Wish me luck presenting that later! 

In other news, I made a canvas that you will see when you get home. It is for sure yours if you want it, but it didn't turn out that cute, so do with it what you wish! And I can't wait to see To Rome With Love with you and Leighton tomorrow! Yay! Here is the trailer just for fun and anticipation!

Can't wait to see you in twenty minutes!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

John French and the Bastilles

Sorry for not blogging yesterday (not that you would have known because you are at the beach!)

But! Here is my post for today! On Saturday night, I went to a concert of three bands that I had never heard of until that day and I fell in love with the very first band. First because of their music, second because of the lead girl singer's awesome hair. It was really long and layered with light beach waves and the color of my hair. So I want my hair to look like hers! Anyway, I have posted the link to their address where you can listen to some of their stuff. Birds of Prey is my favorite right now! Enjoy!

Also! I went to Keigh's and got some stuff for my dorm! So that's coming along! I have a better idea of what I want in my dorm room now and even had an idea for a craft! It felt very Parrish of me. Below are the sheets I hope to purchase! I saw them and fell in love!

Once I figure out what sort of comforter I am getting I will decide betwixt the grey and black! Not the best picture, I know, but they are really cool and yeah! 

Also, I saw this on my tumblr and am for sure going to use a branch for hanging purposes!

There is one picture I was really hoping to find that I pretty much want to go off of when decorating but for now, I found one more that pretty much sums up what I REALLY wish I could do: live in a comfy sleeping bag in the back of Lars.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Apart (at last)

Oddly enough, this is the first blog post that I am writing without you sitting in the room. You left this morning to go to Epworth By the Sea! I know that's an awesome trip, and I know you are going to have a blast!
Today for me looked a little strange. Woke up about 6:45. Drove to Glisson. Time at the falls. Chapel. Outlets to get new sized belt. Home. Cleaned with mom. Went to Keigh's to get dorm stuff & swim. Came home.

Basically, what I'm looking forward to this week is a bunches of movies! Yayy!
Monday: errands with mom, to-do list stuff, call GiGi, movies with Will (cine, hopefully to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!)
Tuesday: JR & GiGi day! Probably going to go see Spiderman 3D!
Wednesday: more to-do list checking off, Braves game with Trevor!
Thursday: hang out with Leighton (if you are back my then, maybe the three of us can go see To Rome With Love? the 19th is the last day it is playing at Cine), Dark Knight Rises Premiere with Peyton (and maybe Ashley?)
Friday: back to Glisson! (of course)

So! Movie reviews coming soon! Also probably a series of posts about dorm stuff. Now that I've got some stuff from Keigh, I'm getting more excited!

Friday, July 13, 2012

On this party plane

We are currently sitting on the party plane. The plane to Atlanta! But we've been delayed another hour so I thought I'd write a post from the aeroplane! We just got pretzels and coke! Planes are LITERALLY the greatest thing ever. You are reading Something Borrowed, pouring your coke. Mom is texting. I am blogging. and dad is making friends. So, that's us right now!

I've been listening to a lot of City and Colour lately! If you don't know them, I suggest "Death of Me", "Sleeping Sickness" and "The Girl"

all solid options!

hopefully we will takeoff soon so that I can get to Glisson and you can get unpacked and repacked for Epworth!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last day in Cayman

Well, this is it. The last full day on vacation. It has been very fun but it also excites me that we will be going back to the magical airport tomorrow! I'm a weird one...

When we get back, you will have Epworth, Rookie Camp, Band Camp, and Pawleys Island!
I will go rock climbing, several day trips, packing, going to Glisson a whole lot, and hopefully hanging out with some awesome people, and then Pawleys Island! Yay! camp. While I'm FREAKING OUT about Auburn Band Camp, I can tell you all about Oconee band camp and you are going to be great! It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you perform Friday, or once you even go through the whole first song once together as a band, you realize why you do it. Performing is SO fun!

Go Saxophones! and Go Warriors! and War Eagle! and all that!

see you in the morning for packing & airports!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It is my birthday.

Well, here it is- 18! A big year is hopefully ahead of me!

Today on the island...
-we bought del sol nail polish (that my nails are currently painted)
-we saw and swam at Smith Cove and Rum Point
-you ate at your first Hard Rock Cafe!
-I have been getting cards periodically throughout the day each represented a different birthday
-we are both wearing colorful pants (great minds think alike)
-we saw the flagship Guy Harvey store
-we are about to go to dinner!
-only one day left - mixed feelings about that, i wanna be here, but i miss my friends. Possible solution: bring friends to the island?
-we are currently watching toddlers and tiaras
-I am just typing random stuff about the day

so that's all for now! tomorrow hopefully includes more beach time, more book reading, and looking around Camana, and all that!

this year hopefully includes: Auburn, lots of band, meeting lots of new people, traveling, and winning the lottery!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Para Salin

I am soo tired but I am going to write a post for today!
well, the highlights of today were obviously the parasailing and yummy Italian restaurant!

it should also be noted that Para Salin backwards is Sarah Palin. thanks for pointing that out, dad!

well tomorrow is my birthday, and my first birthday out of the country - my third at the beach (13 & 14 spent at Pawleys Island). I'm not sure what to expect so I'm just going with an open mind! It is also Andrew Bird's birthday tomorrow and i will take this opportunity to rub in your face that I have met him! We talked about going to Smith Cove tomorrow and I hope we do because I found this picture and it looks really beautiful! Hopefully we will go and get to snorkel!

SO, so pretty!

well, that's all for tonight - it's a little post but a post nonetheless!

Monday, July 9, 2012

We're here & I was born to snorkel

We made it to Cayman and I am writing this post from the big comfy couch of our condo. It is SO beautiful! Bascially to overview this post (so I don't forget anything as I'm writing) an update on my oh-so ambitious wish list, a quick quip about life, and an overall rant about my favorite thing I've done today - let's get started!

So, just an update on my first post about that wish list, here is how it is coming along!
-Carry it all wristlet is bought with my Vera Bradley gift card
-loose tank top was bought at Gap outlet on my little spree last Saturday
-skinny jeans of different lengths also at my Gap outlet spree
-six flags money was given to me by the wonderful Ashley who just handed me a $20 and promised to go with me when I go (which explains the above picture)
-Exit Through the Gift Shop is on Netflix
-trench coat another save from Gap
-a great belt is on the way! bought one at Gap but it is too big
-more shorts were bought at Gap: one patterned pair, one plain
-robe at Gap (busy day at Gap)
-Victoria's Secret fragrance of some kind also given by Ashley (what an awesome friend/sister!)

Moving right along, I had a moment today walking with dad where I thanked him for taking us to Cayman and you thanked me for graduating and giving you all a reason to celebrate. Now that I'm a grad, I can tell you that high school is simple and can be summed up by some advice from good ole Tumblr as expressed in the picture. Truth is, you just gotta be nice to everybody and love everybody, even the weirdies. As far as grades go, you have straight As on the first day of school, just see how far in each semester you can go with those As. Easy enough!

Lastly (and goodness, the best!) is that snorkeling is SO MUCH FUN! I'm not a pro, but it doesn't really take one to go swimming with flippers, breathe through your mouth and enjoy all the underwater things! So many cool fish!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Halfway There!

Right now, we are sitting at the Tampa Airport! I just ate some delicious TGIF bread and cheese dip, sounds bad, but is VERY good! I'm right now sitting at a little phone booth trying to get some battery in Fritz before our next flight! Right now I'm at 31%, so I'm dreaming big for a full 100% ! The phone booth I'm at is very quaint and actually kind of pleasant. Backstreet Boys playing in the background, the soft roar of different languages (well, English & Spanish), and a great trip ahead of us! All pretty pleasant, but I must look bored because you and mom both have come to check on me and I spotted dad looking for an outlet a little closer to you all - so to try and grasp what I look like (and there goes mom again), I took a selfie. (selfy?)

Well, that one was taken post-bag check in. I guess I look a little bored. Our flight has now been delayed about an hour, not a big deal- more time in this wonderful airport! Now we are about to show the folks how to play Apples to Apples and they will teach us Spades. Battery is up to 40%!

Today on Tumblr, I found this giraffe. And if this giraffe were to embody a word, it would totally be "Garf?"

So pretty much that! If you were looking for inspiration and didn't find it here, there are some killer quotes on every page of our passports - so that's some pretty good news.

Next time I post, we will be in PARADISE!

Battery is at 44%, I know you were really curious.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Home is whenever I'm at Glisson

Well, I'm writing this post from your favorite place and mine: camp!

I want to absolutely live here in Dahlonega!

I arrived here promptly in time for communion where session 2 welcomed me to partake in communion with them! After lots of hugs from staff I went to parking and had a blast! I don't think I've ever loved parking but today, I did! I saw Peyton and Julie and a whole bunch of people! After the campers left, I mostly hung out and helped the crew some more, went to chick-fil-a, and then went to karoke (spelling?). But now I'm back in the CR! Also, drank some cheerwine and am about to hammock in TOTORH for the night with some friends. Did I mention that I LOVE it here?

Checklist for tomorrow:
-wake up
-go to the outlets and have a blast at Gap with Leighty (can't WAIT to see her!!!)
-maybe come back to camp to hang out for a bit
-come on home and put my new purchases in my huge @$$ suitcase (hehe)
-go to the ATL to begin the family journey to the great Cayman Islands!!!
-be really excited and cause all sorts of trouble at said Atlanta hotel

Ok, miss you as usual. Wish me luck on my adventure to the outlets! Goodnight, Peezzey

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lazy Bug

So nothing got done today. This is the third day of nothing getting done and even though today isn't over & I could still get some things done, I could've absolutely conquered my to do list. Didn't happen. Oh well, when I woke up at 11 I pretty much knew any chance at productivity was a bust. But! Today was not a waste! I saw Trevor, got my new Vera Bradley Wristlet (something checked off that wish list-an achievement for sure!), threw some stuff away, sorted out some plans for this weekend, and caught up with the Kardashians!

Since the day isn't over - here is the game plan!
-pack for possibly Glisson and Cayman Islands
-figure out what the hec is going on with my budget
-watch a movie with Ashley
-keep calm, carry on

I know you won't be in Auburn next year to make me do the stuff on my countless lists, but you ARE here now and I need you to be a productivity nazi. Help a brotha out?

Only two days until Cayman Islands! Paradise is coming soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My 18th Birthday Wishlist! (the first of a series of posts)

Well, it's that time of year again! Basically I have a list and thought I'd go ahead and post some of the stuff on it, doing this in parts seems a little less scary. (or maybe scarier that this will take more than one post) Either way! I'm going to post the full list now and then add details, websites, where to find it, and all that later! So, without further ado...

18th birthday wish list!
-Carry it All Wristlet (Vera Bradley)
-Nikon camera
-loose tank tops
-Nike sports bra
-cute patterned dress
-Skinny jeans in varying lengths
-dorm stuff (a whole other list...oh yes.)
-flash drive with more space
-concert tickets
-money to go to six flags
-Exit Through the Gift Shop (a movie)
-patterned leggings
-trench coat
-Aldine thin band ring
-small infinity scarf
-etsy ring
-green coat
-to complete one of the outfits on my Pinterest
-square scarfs (to tie as a headband)
-a great belt
-more shorts!
-cigarette scarf
-20s- styled dress
-a leather handbag
-a loose backless shirt
-a big comfy patterned sweater
-patterned Norts
-nose piercing (that's on my dream wish list)
-fancy rifle
-gapbody stuff
-a robe
-some sort of fragrance something
-reading glasses

Ok, well for now that's it! I'll elaborate on all of these later - shopping made EASY!

Also! I understand that I am putting this out wayyy late, meaning I will accept the presents wayyyy late and am not expecting much at all. So DWBI :)