Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Early to make a post about Valentine's Day? yes. Which is why this post is about the newest member of my family (in maybe ten years) - a lamb named Valentine! I saw a picture of a baby lamb the other day and I reminded me of one of my bucket list items - to own a pet lamb. I will name my pet lamb Valentine after the book we had when we were little. Lambs are just SO cute and sweet and I really want one!

Ahh! melt my heart! Just like a happy little puppy!

Unfortunately, when I looked more into owning a lamb, people write how huge and unmanageable they can get. Also some things like they eat everything and that they constantly stink.

(yeah, maybe not so dog-like)

New solution? A lamb foster parent!!! Only keep the lamb for a little while! Check it off my bucket list without making a life commitment to the animal that I am ill-equiped to care for.

But that's ok. I'm still pretty set on owning a Airedale Terrier one of these days and naming him Wizard!

(an Airedale terrier pup)

(so sweet! I think Wizard is the perfect name for this dog)

Other great names I would like to use for my dogs (yes I named my future dogs before thinking about children names) are Mermaid (to go along with the theme of fantasy characters), Friday for an Old English Sheepdog and Django. Mermaid would be a little white dog and Django (pronounced Jango) can be any sort of dog! Maybe even a rescue so Sarah McLaughlin can shut up already! Amen to that!

(He looks like a cool, casual, carefree Friday, doesn't he?)

Unfortunately, there will never be a dog I can adopt who is as great, loving, or adorable as Charles C. McWhorter. Charlie is the best thing that has ever happened to me! 

I love y'all! Have a happy Tuesday!!!

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