Sunday, September 30, 2012

How did that happen?

The last day of September?

Where did the time go? ...not that I'm complaining.

Here some things I'm excited about that are coming up in October!

1) The Glisson staff application comes out!

2) Having Candy Corn in my dorm room!

3) Less hot band practices!

4) Two home games! (Arkansas & Texas A&M)

5) The Live Laugh Run 5K for Kappa Kappa Psi!

6) Only four tests!

7) The Ole Miss game - an away game I get to go to as a band-o!

(me in the left corner)

8) The Vandy game - an away game I get to go to as a student!

9) The premiere of Tia & Tamera's next season!

10) Becca's birthday!

11) Fall colors in the trees!

12) Continuation of my weekly schedule!


13) Pumpkins!

14) Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens!

15) Wearing cozy socks!

16) Closer to Christmas!

17) Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

18) Scarves!

19) Doorbells and sleighbells and warm woolen mittens!

20) Learning Spirit stuff to get ready for audition!

Friday, September 28, 2012

This & That

Here are some random things I want right now.

My friend from camp Kimberly English is an awesome artist and designs these shirts! Look up her stuff, it's really cool!

(this one is my favorites)

Also these TOMS:

or maybe these

To see this movie:

or to go to Cine and watch a movie with a delicious Cheerwine by my side

And lastly, a Bacon Cheddar Single from Johnny Rockets.

Pretty Simple. 

Also, I'm sitting in Starbucks and a song just came on that sounded like it was about to be Little Drummer Boy. Like, what? I guess Angela would be happy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday

So today it hit me how much I used to LOVE playing American Girl dolls with you!

We had a really good system and played so well together. And had a pretty sophisticated community for our dolls!

(the Nicki doll you worked so hard to get!)

Also honorable mentions are the Barbies, Polly Pocket's and Sweet Streets.

(I believe our Polly Pocket's that were in this box were named Libby & Alex)

Play again when I come home for Christmas?

(I love this display! I remember when Lindsey, the first girl of the year came out when I was 6)

Remember when we would come home from school and we would see that mom had been playing with our dolls? That is probably one of my favorite childhood memories. Coming home to see all our dolls set up and neat!

(I got Jenna in 2nd grade for learning my multiplication tables. When I got to 12x12 at the end of the summer, mom went to her closet at the old house and pulled out a doll box! It was the fastest I've ever answered a math problem to this day)

For some reason, all the Halloween stuff around stores made me think of it. Not sure why I associate them with each other, but I guess we did Halloween up big for the dolls, even though we never were huge Halloween people.

(for some reason  I have always loved Molly's Halloween outfit. Even though it's just a grass skirt and a sweater)

It made me think if I got another doll, which one would I get? Maybe a historical doll? Maybe a today doll! Probably one of these three or a today doll. Maybe even girl of the year 2013?

Go on My American Girl and make a doll! It's really fun! Also, shopping is so much easier now! You can choose a doll and then go straight to the outfits to see what looks good on them.

(they have a service dog! I love it!)

They have some really cute other stuff now, too! Who do we know that I can buy American Girl stuff for? I miss saving up hundreds of dollars and spending it all on one of our Atlanta Boutique and Bistro outings :)

(Ok, i want this for me. this has always been my problem)

Hope this makes you go say hello to Leindeizsey, Kit, Jenna, Jean, Marisol, Kailey, Kelly, Mykaila, Nicki, Nellie, Julie, and Charley! and of course the horses, dogs, cats, monkeys, bunnies, and all the others, too!

p.s. this guy's website is really cool

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Once and for all!

Tonight I am going to conquer my to do list. I'm going to do everything on it. Every last thing.

I won't have time to do homework this weekend because of the retreat and that will put me into yet another week of things hanging over me.

So I had this idea...

It may be dumb, but I'm going to stay up tonight until every last thing is completed. Thursday is a day that doesn't require a lot from me so right after studio tomorrow, I will take a nap before Panerrands and  band! That way, I will be starting over fresh!

I can smell the pastries now!

My plan to stay awake is to change locations temporarily. Starting in the student center, then move to Caribou Coffee in the library, and finally back at the living room of Wittel! Hopefully I can stay awake and motivated!

In other news, my one o'clock class got cancelled today! So this gives me even more time!

pretty flowers!

Also, I found the PERFECT place to hammock last night. It's kind of tucked away on Samford Lawn but you can see Samford and the moon! So pretty!

Have an awesome Wednesday! Halfway through the week! and then....COMPETITION!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decisions! Decisions!

I have been thinking as of late how I will be spending summer 2013.

(isn't this a lovely picture of summer?)

I am, of course, extremely interesting in trying to be a counselor at Camp Glisson for so many reasons!

However, I am also really really tempted to try my luck at participating in Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps. So interested that I am going to attend their informational meeting in November! I really like the idea of devoting my whole summer to a show and meeting all sorts of different people who love what I love!

Either way, I'll have an AWESOME summer. This is I know for sure!

Lastly, what if I don't get either one?

Take my favorite little sister to London of course!!!

We would have a blast!!!

Lots to look forward to about fall, too! Like marching band and pumpkins :)


ALSO IT"S PIZZA NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!