Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The night is young!

Well! here it is 8:26 which is RECORD for a band camp night! I know I haven't said anything to y'all about band camp so I will take this post to explain my favorite part of camp: RAT groups! Basically, I wake up at 6:00 to get ready for my day and head to the band field to meet my RAT group. A RAT is short for Rookie Auburn Tiger, which is me! My group is really fun and I like to hang out with them! Every night when practice is over, we have a RAT activity which may be a scavenger hunt or trivia night or whatever. Anyway, that is my life lately.

Now! I have some time so I will need to get things done! Here's the itinerary. Then I will post something fun as well! Promise!

-watch Olympics (doing)
-blog to P (doing)
-finish a third of the third part of my summer reading book
-pack for tomorrow
-look into more sorority stuff before tomorrow
-call Leighton! and catch up
-get some sleep!!!

Also on the long term to-do list:

-laundry (colors & towels)
-figure out parking
-get some Spanx for those darling uniforms

Ok, now for fun things! I found this website a while ago called Bless This Stuff. You probably already know about it, but here are some favorites from the site...

An automatic pet drinking fountain.

A "picnic" table, haha

Wait, what? 3 man chess...

And then they have random stuff like this, too! 

Love you!


  1. Aww. It's so good to hear about band! But just a question what does 8:26 it's a record mean?

  2. Because I NEVER get home before 11. But I did again tonight because of rain!