Friday, August 17, 2012

My new hero.

One thing that is kind of different here from high school is that I am having several days of first days. Today, even though it was my second day of school, is my first day of math and marriage & family studies. This morning I went to math and then I will head to marriage & family. This post is about my new hero-my math professor.

My math professor walked in wearing his jeans and polo and speaks in a dialect that at first I couldn't quite identify. However, he introduced himself as having four names. Two first and two last but he has only listed two on the syllabus. He instructed us to just call him Sedar and told us that he is "from Africa, Congo. There are 54 countries in Africa, Congo is one of them." He's so cool!

Also, he said if we had ANY questions we can ask him and not think about what the person we are sitting next to is thinking. If we are all sitting in the classroom together, it is because we don't know everything about math. So true! Love it!

Next, he explained that there are four tests. He pointed out that there are not specific dates listed on the syllabus. This is because we are going to learn the material and then when we feel like we are ready for a test we will all decide what day is best to take it! LOVE IT!

Random Groovy Algebra sign.

I feel like there are a bunch of other things that are awesome about this guy, but that is it for now!

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