Thursday, August 30, 2012

Etsy favorites!

So, you have me hooked on Etsy. There are so many wonderful things! When I am looking for something specific (like, say, an infinity scarf) I can look for it, or I can just pretty much open it and find something random I want.

Here are some treasures that I'm absolutely drooling over!

Buy me all the things!!! Maybe one of these days I'll get a job...

p.s. remember that little tutorial you made on posting videos? it was really helpful! i'm wondering if you could also explain to me very simply how to make a word highlighted so that you can press on it and go to a link? Like Joanna Goddard does in A Cup of Jo? and like you sometimes do? Thanks!

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  1. Sure girl. You just highlight the word you want to be linked and then in the little toolbar in the same neighborhood as loading pictures, you'll find a thing that says link and it will be underlined and look like a link. So you press that after you highlight a word and then that will be the word that shows up and you just copy and paste the addressing to show it where Togo! Sounds hard. Ut is really simple.