Monday, August 20, 2012


In Latin the word "pessime" means bad and "optime" means good. Well, to combine how I'm feeling: bad and stressed-I would say that right now I feel stresseme.

There is SO much I need to get done today! and no time to do it! Literally. No time. Also, I was supposed to ... I don't even know what the rest of this sentence was going to say. I'm going mad. Also, I am freaking out because my left split isn't there yet and that is NOT good. Mostly, I'm freaking out because I ordered some materials for my Interior Design Studio class and they aren't here yet and my class is tomorrow. Oh my goodness, too much. This is too much. I am also at the student center which doesn't help. It's so loud and obnoxious here.

No pictures. No videos. Nothing. This post is business. Strictly.

Tomorrow will be kinder?


  1. awww. I can just picture you at the student center!
    ahh! and sorry but yes tomorrow will be kinder. i know I've seen it before. A brighter day is coming your way and tomorrow will be kinder.

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