Monday, October 29, 2012

My deepest apologies...

...for being horrible this weekend about keeping up with the blog!

But I'm back in action!

Today's list is huge, I'll spare you the boring details.

My main highlight of today was an argument a girl from the golf team and my instructor from math class got into.

For the sake of wasting time, she started just saying America is the best. Please note that my math professor is from the Congo in Africa.

She asked him about where he went to college and randomly when he would mention another year of school that he went through(he's been in college about ten years in four different countries doing several different majors and masters and such), she would randomly say "that's stupid!"

I just wanted to say "You're stupid!" and wanted to apologize to my instructor and desperately wanted to explain that not all Americans were quite so closed minded.

Then he proceeded to tell us what was wrong with America and why we are going to get taken over by the Chinese.

Long story short, I'm moving to the Congo where things make sense.

Also, congrats on your first marching season!!! Do you have one more away game?