Thursday, October 18, 2012

We are the Sleepyheads.

I don't ever sleep.

We are the Sleepyheads by Belle & Sebastian 

and I'm SO tired!

a self portrait

but!  I will have time to sleep on the way to Athens! So it will all be ok!

Sorry I failed to post yesterday, I literally fell asleep at 12:45 which is like WAY early for me. I got a surprising amount of things done though! Which is good!

This week has all fallen into place as I hoped it would!

The Tuesday Interior Design quiz was moved to Thursday. My Wednesday psych quiz went beautifully, my Marriage & Family makeup quiz no longer has to be made up because of some mistakes on the teacher's part, my Interior Design quiz today went...not so well, but I talked to my instructor and she showed me what I did wrong and told me that she may not even count them.

So now it's just tomorrow! A math exam, a psych quiz, and a Marriage & Family exam! Wish me luck!

In band news, we tye dyed Auburn Flag Line tee shirts,  tank tops, and long sleeve shirts on Tuesday and I can't wait to see how mine turned out!

Also, tonight we have Sounds of Auburn where we will get to perform at the Auburn Arena along with  some of the other musical ensembles at Auburn! We are the last to go on which means homework time in the tunnel! Change of scenery is always good!

an old-timey Sounds of Auburn program

There is also a comfort in knowing that it's Thursday: Panerrands are today and only one day left. And this weekend Friday is extra special because getting out of Marriage and Family means coming to Athens to see you! and Charlie! and Ashley! and Jess!


You and Ashley!

and Charlie!

I can't WAIT to see your show!!! and of course, you!

this guy.

Have a good Friday eve :)

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