Friday, October 5, 2012

But we can't hear a thing when all we think about are all the things we think we might be missing.

True words from the Punch Brothers.

Trevor just invited me to a Braves game this weekend.

Why don't I ever have time? Oh well...

So something that just made my day: I'm sitting in the student center and in walks a girl wearing sketchers (ew) with a rolling beans.

Well, I'll be finding out soon if I passed off pregame and halftime for tomorrow's game against Arkansas.

I can't wait to see you again because you have an exciting life that I want to hear about! Like the concert this weekend! Maybe you'll get an autograph, too? :) Either way, say hello to my old pal and birthday twin, Andrew Bird.

Also, here is a Dress my twin, Sarah Hyland wore a long time ago that I'm still obsessed with.

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