Thursday, October 4, 2012

Missin' Glisson

Well everyone from staff this summer is going to Athens this weekend to have a Glisson reunion.

Obviously, I won't be there and that makes me really really sad.

Not that this weekend won't be fun, it will be. But you know that feeling when you are doing something but are constantly thinking about that other thing you could be doing? That's kinda how this weekend is going to, but I could be hanging out with Glisson people.

frowny face.

I did get to see one friend though! Avery who worked session 2 crew came to Auburn from University of Alabama to ride to Athens with Robin who goes here. So I got to see them last night which was really good!

I'm really excited to start getting some summer plans into motion whether it means I'm on the road with Spirit or living in a cabin at Glisson!

Simultaneously, I can't stop thinking about Christmas. In the words of Kay "Everything is on a scale of one to Christmas"

I mostly can't wait to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies. The main movie I'm craving to watch is When Harry met Sally. Not technically a Christmas movie, but it has some Christmas in it! So maybe I'll watch it this weekend? We'll see!

Did you watch the presidential debate last night? Yeah, me neither...

And lastly, I know it's backwards, but hopefully you can still read it. This is written on a chalkboard in Spidle where we do design things.


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