Monday, October 22, 2012

Wish List Continued.

Here is a continuation of my wishlist! I just picked up right where I left off.

Also, I realize this is a wish list, I'm not really thinking I'm going to get all of this stuff.

27) Into the Wild Belt - basically a brown leather belt that I want to do leather carving at Glisson where I can make a belt like Alexander Supertramp's in the movie

28) Birkenstocks! They just looks so comfy!

29) New Colored Vans!

30 sleeping bag and camping pillow for campouts!

31) moccasins brown, size seven

32) Double nest eno hammock

33) Books! Gift card is probably this best bet but I'm also dying to read this (extra points if the gift card has nothing to do with the holiday being celebrated!

34) Acorn Shoes in Claudia in slate/red and seven

35) Bobbi Brown makeup refill - see me! This is AN AWESOME IDEA!

36) Everyone has one of these at practice

37) This fancy shampoo and conditioner :) - whatever Robin uses at the salon!

38) A new iPod - mine now is all scratched and has no memory left! I want the black one and this is one of the things I REALLY want on this list. My music all in one place would be awesome!

(last year's Christmas card)

And i'm sure there will be more to come! Don't you worry if you can't find something you want to buy me, hehehe.

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