Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I really just have news today!

first of all, 81 on my Drafting Project!!!!!! Yay!!!!! I'm going to talk to Margaret Anne tomorrow about what I got wrong, so maybe that will be helpful!

Philip and I have now been dating for a month!

Philip gave a guy some tattoos last night!

one of three tattoos by Philip. This guy was an Alabama fan for Halloween. Scary!

I get to skip class today for Interior Design field day!

Tomorrow starts November!!!!

I am choreographing Brady's mace routine for drum major tryouts today!

I took a career assessment test and there were four results: Choreographer (mace routine choreographer for the rest of my life?), Interior Designer (which is a bust), Industrial Designer (which would be weird to do what Philip is doing), and Music Director (so maybe I can choreograph an awesome mace routine AND be the drum major! Two birds with one stone!)

some of my favorite choreography!

Also, it's SUPER cold here :( Complete January weather, no fun at all! and I have a huge to do list. Huger than ever.

So have an awesome Wednesday! Halfway to Friday!!!!! (and more than halfway by the time you read this!

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