Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Rory Gilmore (attitude) makeover.

There's no other way to put it - I've been super down in the dumps, buried in work, and overall just lost in the confusingness of not having a clear direction in college.

I can best relate this to how Rory must've felt when Mitchum Huntzberger crushed her journalism dreams.

Let's just put it this way: Sunday I stayed up all night doing my drafting project. Monday I spent every spare moment in between classes in the studio working on my project. Didn't go home Monday night at all to finish my drafting project.


So this morning I went to Miss Higginbotham's office to explain myself:

It's not that I don't care, even though I am tired (because I don't ever sleep), also I know I dress like I don't care (hello yoga pants) and also that I always seem eager to leave (because I have a to do list, after all) ... it's just that I am worn out all of the time.

But I'm done being lame! There are too many wonderful things! It's time to live a life that I actually look forward to waking up and living - the kind of thing I tell people to do. Guess I will take my own advice.

So here is what I propose - not only for me, but anyone in the dumps. Chances are, you probably just need some good ole change!

1) Think of things that you like.

just thinking of things that make you happy can make you feel better, right Fraulein? for me that's Charlie, sending mail, color, sunshine, band, good music, Panera, Target, tumblr, pinterest, Pawleys Island, all that good stuff!

2) Join some sort of club or organization or group of people  that share that like.

maybe in the Spring Semester I will look into a club that has to do with something I like as a hobby. There are SO many clubs here. Maybe an outdoors club or something?

3) Let everything happen to you! No feeling is final

4) "Be the heroine of your life, not the victim."

says Nora Ephron is one of my all time favorites! Miserable things happen, don't take things too seriously, just stay above it.

5) Learn a new craft. A new language, a new instrument : it's never too late- sharpen your mind!

trumpet lessons, anyone?

6) Go outside

7) Look for beautiful things

like looking for redbirds :)

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

8) Have at least three things to look forward to: one soon and small, one within the week and attainable, and one long term

for me: Modern Family tomorrow night! Also, I'm looking forward to the EPICNESS of our pregame and half time on Saturday. It's Miliary Appreciation day (or something along those lines) and there will be a canon, fireworks, parachute jumpers - the whole nine yards! War Damn Band! And long term - Christmas Break of course! Coming up soon! No school, Christmas lights everywhere, Christmas music & movies, fires, presents, snuggling with Charlie, scarves, the red Starbucks cups, do something exotic (for me) with my hair for my yearly haircut (below), and many many Cheerwine milkshakes at Clocked!

Also - hair: I think i've decided on swoopy bangs instead of straight across.

9) work toward checking off bucket list items

Learn the Minstrel Number from White Christmas is up first!

I've decided to start trying to actually do stuff from my bucket list-but not in a morbid way.

10) Work hard at perfecting something you already do.

For me, this could be anything. But I think I'd like to really get good at pom cheers. Small? yes and hardly matters AT ALL. but the pom cheers in the stands are what get on espn and I'd like to get good at it!

11) Encourage

encourage someone who looks discouraged, encourage someone who seems to have it all.

12) Learn to love something in your life that you hate

the smell of poop and macaroni when I walk in the door, a back door that is never shut, water that smells like blood, clogged toilets, trash that doesn't get taken out, keys that sometimes don't work, no TV, ...you get the picture. I need to deal with it and learn to love it!

and Rory is back in action! A plan and a new perspective! Back to Yale! One of my all time favorite parts of Gilmore Girls!

Bring on November!

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