Monday, October 1, 2012

Games 'n things!

Well, I am still planning to go to the Auburn v. Vanderbilt game on October 20. They don't have a time for it yet, that will just depend on how both teams do this weekend and how interesting the game is supposed to be. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it! This may be my only game that I get to go see an Auburn game as a student. It won't be Jordan-Hare, but it'll still be fun!

Also, Nashville is a really cool town! So I'm excited to explore a new town and see what there is to see!   I just need a road trip!!!

Naturally, I googled "things to do in Nashville" and this came up. I have to go. I have to see The Doyle and Debbie Show.

Who are these clowns?

I'm looking forward to the Georgia game, too! I can't wait to be with you AND Ashley! Even though, that will be a while more :(

Also, when I am the boss of everything, there will be no such thing as going to class on a rainy day. Who wants to do that?

But on the bright side, someone in my Psych class said "extra credit for being here?" and the instructor said "you know what? why not!" passed around a piece of paper, we signed it, and now I get extra credit! and I LOVE EXTRA CREDIT!!!

The rain does make everything a lovely shade of green though!

Halloween costume of the day here:

Lastly, hopefully this will make you smile :)

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