Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to reality

Well this weekend had its moments.

It started off horribly Friday morning but I had a lot of fun Friday night in Memphis with my band friends!

Sadly, Saturday was also extremely not fun.

Maybe I'm the problem. Maybe that's why I keep having horrible days

But there is no time to think about fun this week! I have a 200 page assignment due, lots of band practice and an additional few hours Wednesday and Thursday night for a thing called Sounds of Auburn, four quizzes and two exams! It's time to stop whining about what I do and don't like about Auburn and just deal with it.

My schedule is absolutely no fun this week and will probably be the worst until finals, so I guess  it's good I go ahead and get it out of the way! I just really want a break, but oh well.

Here are some pictures from the fun part of Friday!

Philip, me and Devon

Brady, me, Erik, and Heidi

The girls and Brady

Rachel, me, Heidi and Catherine!

Carlie, Carley, me and Brittany

Erik, Heidi and me

and also Ole Miss is a really pretty school! Their football stadium almost felt like being at a baseball park.

Have a better week than me!

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