Friday, September 14, 2012


Eight days until I see you!!! I did something stupid completely on accident. I missed my math class. Last night when I set my alarms, I was so tired that I didn't pay enough attention to realize that I had set my alarm an hour later than I was supposed to. Needless to say, I woke up an hour late and realized that I had an impossible five minutes to get ready, do morning journal, grab breakfast, and take the (at least) ten minute walk to Parker hall.

Luckily, Fridays are lab days which means we sit in a computer lab and do assignments we already had online.

And even luckier, the assignment we were working on today has an extended due date until Sunday!

Also, today has just been really scattered and not too much is getting done. Oh well! Only a few hours left in today because I am going to sleep early tonight so I can wake up at about 3:30 tomorrow morning to get ready for early practice and then first game at Jordan-Hare!!!

So that is the story of how I rebelled by not going to class. Even though it was a complete accident and I never would've consciously thought "hey don't go to class today"

The end.

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  1. YOU MISSED YOUR MATH TEST!!!! Crap girl! What do you do?