Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decisions! Decisions!

I have been thinking as of late how I will be spending summer 2013.

(isn't this a lovely picture of summer?)

I am, of course, extremely interesting in trying to be a counselor at Camp Glisson for so many reasons!

However, I am also really really tempted to try my luck at participating in Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps. So interested that I am going to attend their informational meeting in November! I really like the idea of devoting my whole summer to a show and meeting all sorts of different people who love what I love!

Either way, I'll have an AWESOME summer. This is I know for sure!

Lastly, what if I don't get either one?

Take my favorite little sister to London of course!!!

We would have a blast!!!

Lots to look forward to about fall, too! Like marching band and pumpkins :)


ALSO IT"S PIZZA NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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