Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So lately it has been really rainy and overcast here in Auburn and has been sort of cool. This weather makes me think it's Christmastime!

Unfortunately, it isn't at all Christmastime. It is merely September, followed by October and yet another month November. But it's ok! These little hints and encouragement make it feel a little closer!

So I'm making a list (please appreciate that I didn't finish this sentence with "and checking it twice") of things I want to be sure to do when I get home for Christmas!

1.) Watch Christmas movies! Have a great big huge marathon of all the greats!

2.) Pet Charlie a whole lot and snuggle with him whilst watching previously mentioned movies.

3.) Make a gingerbread house! I think we can do something really great!

4.) Spend a lot of time looking at Christmas lights.

5.) Wear PJs all the time.

6.) Watch a lot of TV in addition to the movies.

7.) Obviously open presents and that sort of thing.

8.) Go to Clocked and get a Cheerwine Milkshake and cheeseburger

9.) Shop all over Athens!

10.) Go to a concert!

11.) Dance the dance of the Italian Christmas donkey! Ay, Dominic!!!

12.) Jump on the trampoline

13.) Snuggle under blankets (probably again with Charlie)

14.) Not schoolwork and not exercise and also not dieting.

15.) Go to the Santa Buffett at ACC

So, don't show dad this post, I guess...

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