Thursday, September 20, 2012


You say I never make posts!

I post ever day!!!

Either is my day...

1) Studio
2) Panerrands with Philip! Including Tiger Rags, Auburn Realty, Target, and of course Panera!
3) Quick speedy lightening round tutoring in preparation for my test tomorrow with a tutor who I really like!
5)passoffs. I felt the need to make them separate because they were both so hard. Pregame jog is a bogar. A boger I tell you.

(JK, I wish we were like Phantom)

6)dinner with J.R., GiGi, Claire and Junior! We went to Chappy's and I had a delicious pretzel bread sandwich!!! It was SO good!
7)Now I'm preparing for you!!! My special visitor :)

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