Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Once and for all!

Tonight I am going to conquer my to do list. I'm going to do everything on it. Every last thing.

I won't have time to do homework this weekend because of the retreat and that will put me into yet another week of things hanging over me.

So I had this idea...

It may be dumb, but I'm going to stay up tonight until every last thing is completed. Thursday is a day that doesn't require a lot from me so right after studio tomorrow, I will take a nap before Panerrands and  band! That way, I will be starting over fresh!

I can smell the pastries now!

My plan to stay awake is to change locations temporarily. Starting in the student center, then move to Caribou Coffee in the library, and finally back at the living room of Wittel! Hopefully I can stay awake and motivated!

In other news, my one o'clock class got cancelled today! So this gives me even more time!

pretty flowers!

Also, I found the PERFECT place to hammock last night. It's kind of tucked away on Samford Lawn but you can see Samford and the moon! So pretty!

Have an awesome Wednesday! Halfway through the week! and then....COMPETITION!!!!!!!

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