Monday, July 9, 2012

We're here & I was born to snorkel

We made it to Cayman and I am writing this post from the big comfy couch of our condo. It is SO beautiful! Bascially to overview this post (so I don't forget anything as I'm writing) an update on my oh-so ambitious wish list, a quick quip about life, and an overall rant about my favorite thing I've done today - let's get started!

So, just an update on my first post about that wish list, here is how it is coming along!
-Carry it all wristlet is bought with my Vera Bradley gift card
-loose tank top was bought at Gap outlet on my little spree last Saturday
-skinny jeans of different lengths also at my Gap outlet spree
-six flags money was given to me by the wonderful Ashley who just handed me a $20 and promised to go with me when I go (which explains the above picture)
-Exit Through the Gift Shop is on Netflix
-trench coat another save from Gap
-a great belt is on the way! bought one at Gap but it is too big
-more shorts were bought at Gap: one patterned pair, one plain
-robe at Gap (busy day at Gap)
-Victoria's Secret fragrance of some kind also given by Ashley (what an awesome friend/sister!)

Moving right along, I had a moment today walking with dad where I thanked him for taking us to Cayman and you thanked me for graduating and giving you all a reason to celebrate. Now that I'm a grad, I can tell you that high school is simple and can be summed up by some advice from good ole Tumblr as expressed in the picture. Truth is, you just gotta be nice to everybody and love everybody, even the weirdies. As far as grades go, you have straight As on the first day of school, just see how far in each semester you can go with those As. Easy enough!

Lastly (and goodness, the best!) is that snorkeling is SO MUCH FUN! I'm not a pro, but it doesn't really take one to go swimming with flippers, breathe through your mouth and enjoy all the underwater things! So many cool fish!

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