Tuesday, July 17, 2012

John French and the Bastilles

Sorry for not blogging yesterday (not that you would have known because you are at the beach!)

But! Here is my post for today! On Saturday night, I went to a concert of three bands that I had never heard of until that day and I fell in love with the very first band. First because of their music, second because of the lead girl singer's awesome hair. It was really long and layered with light beach waves and the color of my hair. So I want my hair to look like hers! Anyway, I have posted the link to their address where you can listen to some of their stuff. Birds of Prey is my favorite right now! Enjoy!


Also! I went to Keigh's and got some stuff for my dorm! So that's coming along! I have a better idea of what I want in my dorm room now and even had an idea for a craft! It felt very Parrish of me. Below are the sheets I hope to purchase! I saw them and fell in love!

Once I figure out what sort of comforter I am getting I will decide betwixt the grey and black! Not the best picture, I know, but they are really cool and yeah! 

Also, I saw this on my tumblr and am for sure going to use a branch for hanging purposes!

There is one picture I was really hoping to find that I pretty much want to go off of when decorating but for now, I found one more that pretty much sums up what I REALLY wish I could do: live in a comfy sleeping bag in the back of Lars.

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