Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And the dorm madness continues...

Well, I was finally a big girl and committed to some dorm decoration. You would think an Inteior Design major would be all over it, but me never wanting to spend money, it makes it hard to, you know, make a purchase. However! In the words of a purple tee shirt you will most likely see Mrs. Rogers wearing on Thursday of band camp "put on your big girl panties and deal with it."

I did end up finding that picture that I was SO hoping my bed would end up looking like. Unfortunately, I was unable to find quite what I was looking for in my price range (the epic problem remains). But, I ended up with sheets, a bed spread and sham pillows that I am quite pleased with! Also, shopping in Keigh's basement was a tremendous load off as well!

Isn't it just lovely and so cozy?

Well, what I ended up with is a zig-zag rouched Navy & White duvet cover, my choice of grey or navy Target jersey material sheets, and rouched plum colored sham pillowcases! Still looking for a throw pillow to make the whole thing POP! Maybe yellow? and definitely patterned! 

Aside from dorm drama, I just drew up what I think is a pretty fair life-expense contract with mom and dad. Wish me luck presenting that later! 

In other news, I made a canvas that you will see when you get home. It is for sure yours if you want it, but it didn't turn out that cute, so do with it what you wish! And I can't wait to see To Rome With Love with you and Leighton tomorrow! Yay! Here is the trailer just for fun and anticipation!

Can't wait to see you in twenty minutes!

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