Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lazy Bug

So nothing got done today. This is the third day of nothing getting done and even though today isn't over & I could still get some things done, I could've absolutely conquered my to do list. Didn't happen. Oh well, when I woke up at 11 I pretty much knew any chance at productivity was a bust. But! Today was not a waste! I saw Trevor, got my new Vera Bradley Wristlet (something checked off that wish list-an achievement for sure!), threw some stuff away, sorted out some plans for this weekend, and caught up with the Kardashians!

Since the day isn't over - here is the game plan!
-pack for possibly Glisson and Cayman Islands
-figure out what the hec is going on with my budget
-watch a movie with Ashley
-keep calm, carry on

I know you won't be in Auburn next year to make me do the stuff on my countless lists, but you ARE here now and I need you to be a productivity nazi. Help a brotha out?

Only two days until Cayman Islands! Paradise is coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes because I love to make you do the things on your to do list. I think we both know this only happens when there's something in it for me! hehe