Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It is my birthday.

Well, here it is- 18! A big year is hopefully ahead of me!

Today on the island...
-we bought del sol nail polish (that my nails are currently painted)
-we saw and swam at Smith Cove and Rum Point
-you ate at your first Hard Rock Cafe!
-I have been getting cards periodically throughout the day each represented a different birthday
-we are both wearing colorful pants (great minds think alike)
-we saw the flagship Guy Harvey store
-we are about to go to dinner!
-only one day left - mixed feelings about that, i wanna be here, but i miss my friends. Possible solution: bring friends to the island?
-we are currently watching toddlers and tiaras
-I am just typing random stuff about the day

so that's all for now! tomorrow hopefully includes more beach time, more book reading, and looking around Camana, and all that!

this year hopefully includes: Auburn, lots of band, meeting lots of new people, traveling, and winning the lottery!

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