Sunday, July 8, 2012

Halfway There!

Right now, we are sitting at the Tampa Airport! I just ate some delicious TGIF bread and cheese dip, sounds bad, but is VERY good! I'm right now sitting at a little phone booth trying to get some battery in Fritz before our next flight! Right now I'm at 31%, so I'm dreaming big for a full 100% ! The phone booth I'm at is very quaint and actually kind of pleasant. Backstreet Boys playing in the background, the soft roar of different languages (well, English & Spanish), and a great trip ahead of us! All pretty pleasant, but I must look bored because you and mom both have come to check on me and I spotted dad looking for an outlet a little closer to you all - so to try and grasp what I look like (and there goes mom again), I took a selfie. (selfy?)

Well, that one was taken post-bag check in. I guess I look a little bored. Our flight has now been delayed about an hour, not a big deal- more time in this wonderful airport! Now we are about to show the folks how to play Apples to Apples and they will teach us Spades. Battery is up to 40%!

Today on Tumblr, I found this giraffe. And if this giraffe were to embody a word, it would totally be "Garf?"

So pretty much that! If you were looking for inspiration and didn't find it here, there are some killer quotes on every page of our passports - so that's some pretty good news.

Next time I post, we will be in PARADISE!

Battery is at 44%, I know you were really curious.

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