Friday, July 6, 2012

Home is whenever I'm at Glisson

Well, I'm writing this post from your favorite place and mine: camp!

I want to absolutely live here in Dahlonega!

I arrived here promptly in time for communion where session 2 welcomed me to partake in communion with them! After lots of hugs from staff I went to parking and had a blast! I don't think I've ever loved parking but today, I did! I saw Peyton and Julie and a whole bunch of people! After the campers left, I mostly hung out and helped the crew some more, went to chick-fil-a, and then went to karoke (spelling?). But now I'm back in the CR! Also, drank some cheerwine and am about to hammock in TOTORH for the night with some friends. Did I mention that I LOVE it here?

Checklist for tomorrow:
-wake up
-go to the outlets and have a blast at Gap with Leighty (can't WAIT to see her!!!)
-maybe come back to camp to hang out for a bit
-come on home and put my new purchases in my huge @$$ suitcase (hehe)
-go to the ATL to begin the family journey to the great Cayman Islands!!!
-be really excited and cause all sorts of trouble at said Atlanta hotel

Ok, miss you as usual. Wish me luck on my adventure to the outlets! Goodnight, Peezzey

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