Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My 18th Birthday Wishlist! (the first of a series of posts)

Well, it's that time of year again! Basically I have a list and thought I'd go ahead and post some of the stuff on it, doing this in parts seems a little less scary. (or maybe scarier that this will take more than one post) Either way! I'm going to post the full list now and then add details, websites, where to find it, and all that later! So, without further ado...

18th birthday wish list!
-Carry it All Wristlet (Vera Bradley)
-Nikon camera
-loose tank tops
-Nike sports bra
-cute patterned dress
-Skinny jeans in varying lengths
-dorm stuff (a whole other list...oh yes.)
-flash drive with more space
-concert tickets
-money to go to six flags
-Exit Through the Gift Shop (a movie)
-patterned leggings
-trench coat
-Aldine thin band ring
-small infinity scarf
-etsy ring
-green coat
-to complete one of the outfits on my Pinterest
-square scarfs (to tie as a headband)
-a great belt
-more shorts!
-cigarette scarf
-20s- styled dress
-a leather handbag
-a loose backless shirt
-a big comfy patterned sweater
-patterned Norts
-nose piercing (that's on my dream wish list)
-fancy rifle
-gapbody stuff
-a robe
-some sort of fragrance something
-reading glasses

Ok, well for now that's it! I'll elaborate on all of these later - shopping made EASY!

Also! I understand that I am putting this out wayyy late, meaning I will accept the presents wayyyy late and am not expecting much at all. So DWBI :)


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  2. Hmmm that's a very nice wishlist.
    It's actually helpful for those who are looking for ideas for 18th birthday gifts.
    My best 18th birthday wishes to you.
    have fun girl,

    hugs xxxx