Monday, July 23, 2012

Pillow Dilemma

Parrish! My style guru! I am on Etsy making the HARDEST decision of my life.

Which pillow will accent my bed at Auburn?
As you know, I have a Navy zig-zag comforter, plum sham covers, and gray sheets.

I am down to these six beauties...

the contrasting pattern,

the simple, but classic yellow bird,

the green, uniform pattern, 

the adorable yellow poppies, 

bright orange with some sheet coordination,

or this French postcard?

Choices! But, I did buy this beautiful thing at Urban Outfitters: 

and while I was at it, I fulfilled my dream of having a fishtail cut item of clothing by buying this skirt (only mine is in blue) and thus getting free shipping!

Ok, now come up with a favorite or two favorite pillows and come tell me to buy it already!

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