Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Para Salin

I am soo tired but I am going to write a post for today!
well, the highlights of today were obviously the parasailing and yummy Italian restaurant!

it should also be noted that Para Salin backwards is Sarah Palin. thanks for pointing that out, dad!

well tomorrow is my birthday, and my first birthday out of the country - my third at the beach (13 & 14 spent at Pawleys Island). I'm not sure what to expect so I'm just going with an open mind! It is also Andrew Bird's birthday tomorrow and i will take this opportunity to rub in your face that I have met him! We talked about going to Smith Cove tomorrow and I hope we do because I found this picture and it looks really beautiful! Hopefully we will go and get to snorkel!

SO, so pretty!

well, that's all for tonight - it's a little post but a post nonetheless!

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