Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The story of how I ran and then decided to stop running.

On Monday I was bold and started the running plan Blair sent me. Here is the problem - I'm horrible at running. I literally made it halfway through my alternating running and walking and had to give up because I thought I was going to pass out.

(the champion I'll never be)

What the hec is my problem?

Same thing today.

That's not even the number one reason that I'm going back to the gym for my running from now on.

For two days now, I have just completely forgotten to bring keys with me. Hello? What's the plan, Phil? How am I supposed to get back in Wittel? Duh. You can't.

So I just kinda hope people will come by and let me in. Today took about fifteen minutes. (really? there are like 60 people in that house? yes. really. fifteen minutes.)

Luckily, Becca is awesome and leaves our room door open so that once I'm in Wittel I can get in the room. (because she has class right when I get done running and have my daily "aha!" moment about midway down Gay street.)

(recognize this hero?)

Also, running is hard. Isn't school hard enough? Give me a break!

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