Sunday, January 13, 2013


Oscar noms are officially out and I have officially become a TV/Movie blogger...

not that I have a problem with it! :)

Here are the lucky nominations for best picture of 2012! (I've only seen two, time to hit the theater!)

1.) Amour

the only non-english nominee

2.) Life of Pi

3.) Argo

4.) Lincoln

5.) Beasts of the Southern Wild

6.) Silver Linings Playbook

7.) Django Unchained

8.) Zero Dark Thirty

9.) Les Misérables

and the two I've seen are Lincoln and Les Misérables! Some of these I can't WAIT to see!

have a good week!

p.s. I just got back from the Trumpets v. Trombone football game. There were casualties. It was intense. But the trumpets came through! War Damn Trumpets!!!

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