Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last day!

Well, tomorrow I'm leaving this place to go back to Auburn. Who knows what this semester will hold?
Let's hope it'll be more fun than last semester but mostly filled with the same people!

(some awesome people that I love)

I'm really looking forward to spring semester because I always liked spring semester better than fall semester in high school. So, let's hope for improvement! haha

and as a side note, I'm LOVING your mix tapes! You're the best! I'll make you a CD copy of either the gossip girl or the songs n' crap(or both!) and give it to you before I leave!

How cute are "Chuck" and "Blair" haha, and in my favorite place ever!

Wish me luck packing everything up today!

Also, all of my favorite holidays are in spring semester: (excluding New Year's Eve, but close enough) Easter & St. Patrick's Day!

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