Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm a brother!

I got into Kappa Kappa Psi!!!!

and here is the story of last night!

I went to formal rush with Catherine and Erik and filled out a paper that had questions about KKPsi and had to draw a map to Wittel. They explained that they would be coming to wherever we live to either tell us the good news or bad news.

So Erik, Catherine, and I left freaking out! and decided that while the current members were in chapter talking about who to give a bid,we would go to Chill. Of course, I couldn't get anything but it was still fun! Then Catherine and I went to my dorm and talked for a bit. After she left, I just tried to get things done but was FREAKING OUT every single time I even heard a footstep.

A few hours later (yes, hours!) I heard a group of people outside my door shuffling around. Then I heard a knock at the door so I jumped up and answered it to find my friends Adam and John jumping around the little hallway outside my room singing "bid" to the tune of War Eagle! Then my friend Cassaundra handed me my bid! There were several other brothers there, too! It was so much fun! Then we took a picture and they left!

So crazy!!!

So then I texted all sorts of people and Philip and I went to Waffle House for celebration waffles! (which were disgusting, of course!)

I'm so, so happy! Also, my RAT twin Brittany got a bid as well as Catherine and Erik!

On a side note, my Anthropology class just got cancelled! again! the woman is never going to have class!

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