Friday, January 4, 2013

Found that thing.

You know that one either purse or wallet that you find yourself carrying around all the time and it seems to be just made for you? It holds all the things you find yourself needing the most in a convenient and pretty style and it is sort of your thing? Well, I have found that thing!

For the past two birthdays, I've received a Vera Bradley Carry it All Wristlet. While it's not a purse, it carries all of my cards and IDs that I need, my keys and my iPod. So, the name Carry it All Wristlet is not an overstatement! Also, it fits perfectly in the side of my Under Armor backpack and is easy to pull out of my backpack before I get to the door at Wittel.

So! Now that Christmas is over, I'm officially starting my birthday list! (call me superficial, whatever)

I think these patterns are just lovely! (Go Wild, Plum Crazy, & Floral Nightingale)

and here are the patterns of the last two that I've had - of course, a year of wear and tear makes them not so pretty anymore.

Your birthday is (way) sooner than mine! Can't wait for your birthday wish list post! 

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