Friday, January 11, 2013

Guide dog love.

Well as you know for quite some time now, I've felt a calling of some sort to work with guide dogs.

Most of the time when I think about it is when I see someone else training a dog, but today was different.

There is a girl in my Human Development and Family Studies class who has a companion service dog - a poodle pup named Zoë! There was something about seeing someone who is actually benefitting from the dog training rather than just seeing a trainer.

(did you know some dogs are learning to use an ATM? pretty cool!)

She went to the front of the class and explained that Zoë is a service dog who alerts her if she is about to have some sort of heart spasm (she didn't specify her disease-only mentioned that it was a heart condition.) She said some other stuff I already knew like "please don't feed my dog" and "please don't come up and pet her." But there was something about Zoë that was just really awesome to me! She is a black most likely miniature poodle who is one and a half and was sporting her royal blue service dog jacket.

So, the curiosity about training a guide dog continues! I will most likely end up asking Claire (the human) about the place where she got Zoë, etc. etc.

Also, I think you seen this before, but I love the story! A guide dog for a blind dog! So, so sweet!

Lastly, Brian Regan tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see y'all!

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