Thursday, January 10, 2013


and the last few teachers and classes were revealed today! My "first days of school" are numbered! (this is exceptionally good news!)

First up, Anthropology.

I have this class with Shelby from Flag Line! The class is going to be a little intense (probably my hardest) but that's ok. Probably do-able. The thing I hate the most about this class? A Friday final exam. Which means I have an exam on May 3 - the actual last possible day I could have an exam. GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!!

Next was Philosophy.

I was especially nervous about this class because had some not nice things to say about my professor. However, I got there and he is pretty funny and practical! Also, philosophy is possibly my favorite subject! So I don't even mind that he took syllabus day to start teaching! Cheers to having a class that I am actually wanting to learn something in! Also, the professor kept saying things like "No phones. If you have to take a call, go to the hall and TAKE YOUR DAMN CALL!" Lovin' it! Except the classroom is really hard to find. Oh well.

Last of the day was Microeconomics.

(what a clever picture! use a dollar for a graph! creativity meets scholastics!)

LOVE THIS CLASS. The professor is that age where he is younger than mom and dad, but still old. (sorry mom and dad). He is a very well groomed man who explained that he and his wife have just had twins (a boy and a girl) who are just three months old! (how cute is that!?) He is really cool and I think we are going to get along just fine! He is very practical but not in a cynical way - if that's possible. We are only going to have five grades in that class - five tests. I'm pretty excited to get started!

So that's a wrap! Of course I have an English teacher and an HDFS teacher but I didn't see them today, so yeah.

Also, tomorrow's Friday!!! and Saturday's Miss America!!!

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